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Taishan is located in the southwest part of Pearl River Delta area. Covering an area of 3,286 square kilometers and having 587 kilometers coastline, it administrates 20 Towns, 2 provincial-level experimental zones, 1 overseas Chinese farm and over 90 islands belonging to the Chuanshan Islands. Of which, Shangchuan Island and Xiachuan Island are Town-level islands. Taishan has a population of 1 million, while 1.3 million overseas Taishanese distributing in 91 countries and regions. Therefore, Taishan is reputed to be China's first hometown for overseas Chinese and enjoys the fame of Two Taishans.

Bordering Hong Kong and Macau, Taishan is only 48 nautical miles and 87 nautical miles away from Macau and Hong Kong, respectively. Thanks to the national policy of opening up to the outside world and domestic reform, as well as unique local geographic conditions and natural resources, Taishan has made dramatic progress in many areas, particularly in infrastructure construction. Gongyi Port in the north of Taishan can handle express ferries to Hong Kong and Macau. Taishan Port in the south will be a national first-category harbor that can berth 10-thousand-ton ships. There are totally 140 kilometers-long expressways in Taishan City, so it takes only 70 minutes drive to Guangzhou through Xintai Expressway that goes through the Taishan Territory from south to north and only 80 minutes to Zhuhai through West Coastal Expressway that goes through Taishan from east to west. As for electricity, the first and the second generator of the Asia-largest coal power generation station Taishan Power Station will be put into operation on Oct. 2003.

The total amount of actual utilization of foreign investment keeps increase in recent years that develops Taishan's economy. And the annual export value is more than 400 million US dollars. The industrial form has taken primary shape with machinery industries, aluminum, textile, garment, electric appliance, medicine, foodstuff, building materials, decorating light, plastic and chemical material as its pillar industries.

With pleasant weather and fertile soil, ten high-tech, high-production and high-value-added agricultural bases have been primarily established locally, focusing on rice, fruit, flower, vegetable, sugar cane, peanut, lumber, animal husbandry, fresh water feeding, sea water feeding. Taishan's tourist industry is also flourishing. A great number of tourists are attracted to Taishan by its island spices.

Taishan is not only the hometown of overseas Chinese, but also developed place in many fields. It has been awarded the Town of Culture, Town of Sports, as well as National Health City.

In order to open up a new prospect, Taishan CPC committee and the Government of Taishan City insist the policy that development comes first. They are realizing the five strategic policies which is “strengthen by industry, stabilize by agriculture, develop by science and education, flourish by business and tourism, strengthen all the towns and rich the city” with great effort as well as finding ways to increase the four advantages of resources, the hometown of overseas Chinese, environment and late-development.

Meanwhile, the Government also attaches great importance to develop foreign and private economy, improve the process of industrialization, citilization and information so as to achieve leap-across development. Furthermore, they comprehensively seizes the construction of “three civilizations”, accelerates the steps of constructing welfare society. With the implementation of CEPA and the construction plan of GangZhuAo Bridge, through which only 1 hour drive from Taishan City to Hong Kong, and with the primary shape of large traffic-network, large power station, large harbor and large development, the investment environment of Taishan will be more competitive. Moreover, Taishan CPC Committee and the People's Government of Taishan City have started up a Five Keys Industrial Zone construction plan with the total planning area of more than 200 square kilometers so as to provide a perfect development platform and preference policies to all the investors. In today's Taishan, one can find uncountable business opportunities. Taishan people are ready to provide excellent services for all investors and visitors.

Taishan, the glittery pearl, will be more eye-catching tomorrow and will be a more charming area for investment.

Taishan Welcomes!


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